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My Story

Hi y'all and welcome to my dream come true! My name is Katie Marie Hymel and I am the Chef and Owner of Honeydoux Cafe + Bakery. My story began as a young girl, who grew up watching her grandparents in the kitchen and all the cooking shows you could think of! In one of these shows, the winner would receive a giant golden whisk trophy, and I aspired to win a golden whisk of my own! Attending Chef John Folse Culinary Institute at Nicholls State University, allowed these dreams to be more at reach. Upon graduation, my mom gifted me a golden whisk necklace which became a symbol for the dream I was fulfilling. Now, I have the best golden whisk of all, Honeydoux, which is allowing me to open up my love for all things edible with you! 

Adding a little sweetness to your day, whether it is a special occasion or your daily dose of caffeine, is the goal we aim to reach day after day. Honeydoux is the best place for your new home away from home! From the farm to your fork or my Granny's oven to your tummy, we hope you notice the love and joy that is put into each one of our creations.

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